Hate Inc. was started by Vincent Vega back in the early 2002 as a one man project.By the year 2007 Hate Inc. grew to a full five-piece band.

“FRAGMENTS” is the band’s first official release which is entirely written and recorded by Vincent Vega, and produced and mixed by Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.)It was released on Halloween this year (31.10.2009).

It contains the following 4 tracks :  Fragments, Learn To Love, Harangue, Art Of Suffering. All of these tracks are from the upcoming debut album of Hate Inc – “Art Of Suffering” that is almost complete. The album too was produced and mixed by Victor Love (DSI).

As for the “FRAGMENTS” – the songs give out a pure and crystal image of what this band is all about and the genres that they represent.It has all the elements that you would expect from a quality piece release. From the deep, melodic and driving mellodies of the song “Fragments”,that though is a much more mellow song when compared to the rest of the release, it’s depth and honesty are the very things that stick out on it and give it it’s moment of glory if you will.

Then to the steady drive of “Learn To Love” that follows which is a heavier music example of a song that also shows a diffrent view on personal issues, with the help of a powerfull rock melody combined with quality electronics.

Then to the hard, head-banging tune of “Harangue” that I expirienced like an “in-your-face” Hate Inc. anthem that I would love to sing along live and jump like crazy to it!

And last but definetly not least – the amazing blend of all these elements plus more in the song “Art Of Suffering” that will definetly give you a clear idea of what you could expect from the upcoming album that carries the same name.

This promo is written with heart and soul, and offers an intresting experience that I know I want to re-live with every new listening.Also the production level is on a top level as expected from V.Love.

All in all, a music piece that any quality music listener should own and/or check out.

Filip Petrovski