Leaving all your prior music engagements to dedicate yourself to a project that encompasses everything you are as musician and human being, is an honest and admirable move. Vincent Vega did just that with his brainchild HATE INC., cutting all ties to prior bands and started focusing on his own material, which has spanned three demos, one EP and now a debut full lenght titled “Art Of Suffering.”

Having experimented with covers by BOB SEGER and THE SPOOKY KIDS (pre-MARILYN MANSON) on the aforementioned releases, ought to hint at an Industrial tinged Rock sound, and let´s face it, there´s no way around the fact that these obvious influences are shining through on the songs. Another influence would be the equally experimental Goth rocksters TIAMAT, not just musically speaking, sometimes Vega´s vocals are close to those morose characteristics of Johan Edlund.

There´s a lot of frustration and raw emotions running through the album, the industrial surface of the songs lend a cold and threatening atmosphere, yet the catchy electronics and melodies plus the rocking riffs add a certain warmth to even out the atmosphere. A track like “Harangue” suggests a grizzly RAMMSTEIN/EVEREVE spawn, just a straightforward rocker with strict militia riffing and cyberesque sounds. The stern sound mix further emphasises the rough edge of the album.

Granted, I´m not much for music that´s overly industrial sounding, but I respect the diversity, and as far as the quality goes, I´d say it´s not half bad hehe. One word review: Interesting!

direct link: http://www.metal-observer.com/articles.php?lid=1&sid=1&id=18048