Hate inc. Is an Industrial Metal band from Italy. The band started as a one man project in 2002, but anno 2011 there is a whole band involved and their debut album sees light. “Art of Suffering” is out now.

A nice surprise came with this album, the band their album produced by Dope Stars Inc. front man Victor Love. It has a dose of metal in it with some heavy guitars on the base, but the electro aspect surely comes hand in hand for the lead. The band throws the atmosphere completely on the emotional side, meaning you can feel what you want to feel but you have a good imagination of what the guys felt with themselves as well. “Art of Suffering” comes with quite varied moments. At one point it is calm and intense while this may change to pure aggression as well. Speaks for the guys that they didn’t bring an album with songs that sound alike, a trap that got many bands already. As a small remark to make it must be said that the riffs may have been a bit more challenging, which would have pleased the technical listeners as well, but overall “Art of Suffering” is a really nice album, that surprises you on several points. It mainly makes you wondering what they are up for in the future as it is a band that needs to grow still, but with this debut they have placed themselves on the map.

Sabine Van Geneen

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